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Laminex, Formica And WilsonArt Products

Postform Tops

Recommended Use:
Kitchen, bathroom, shop counter, office table or desktops that requires a smooth rounded edge
Specifications: Thickness = 34mm. Rolled/ Rounded Edge

Laminex® Lamiwood

Recommended Use: Any decorative surface such as cabinet doors and panels, wardrobe doors, etc
ReadyForm DoorsSpecifications: Thickness = 16mm. Also available in 7.5 and 18mm

ReadyForm Doors

Recommended Use: Cabinet doors are available in various routed patterns and designs. These are decorated with a tough two pack painted surface available in an attractive range of colours.
Specifications: Thickness = 18mm. Also available in 25mm

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Systems

Recommended Use: Available with any Laminex® Lamiwood colour insert, mirror inserts or vinyl coated gyprock

White Aqua Board

Recommended Use: Ideal shelving for any storage area and other alternative construction applications
Specifications: Thickness = 16mm or 18mm

Poly Ply

Recommended Use: Cabinet backing only
Specifications: Thickness = 3mm

Craftwood® and Craftwood MR® (Moisture Resistant)

Recommended Use: Any internal panel and surface that requires a painted or decorative surface
Specifications: Thickness = 16mm. Also available in 3, 5, 7.5, 9, 12, 18, 25 and 33mm

Natural Veneered Craftwood (NTV)

Recommended Use
: Any decorative surface
Specifications: Thickness = 16mm

Exterior Hardwood Ply

Recommended Use: Ideal alternative construction option for high moisture areas such as bathroom and laundry cabinets

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